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Producer – Sting

Grammy and Emmy winninG Producer/WriteR

“I first met Richard when he was recording with fellow producer Gary Stevenson on ABC’s Lexicon Of Love II.


We have since become friends and he has played on a plethora of my productions remotely from his own studio.


The sound Richard gets from his drum room is absolutely world class as is his playing and attention to detail.


He has always tirelessly worked to get the exact kit sound that the track requires and reacts brilliantly and quickly to any feedback given.


If you need top flight multi track groovy drums on your song I urge you to use Richard Brook.”

Marcus Byrne.jpg

Marcus Byrne - ELO and Take That

"Richard nails it.. he plays what’s needed, thinks about the sound... and then delivers on time. A top pro”

Quality drums

Ludwig 60's Superclassic

Sakae Celestial

Yamaha 80's 9000

Sakae Trilogy

Numerous snare drums

Black Beauty, 400, 402 COB, Sakae maple, Sakae Brass, Pearl brass, Trilogy 5", Trilogy 6 1/2"...

Huge range of Zildjian cymbals

Kerope, Constantinople, A, Avedis, K Custom, EFX, A Custom, K dry

Thom Robson – Composer @ Altitude Music Ltd. – London UK.


"Working with Richard was an absolute pleasure from start to finish. He nailed the brief we set him on the first take, allowing us room to experiment and try new ideas in subsequent takes.


He was extremely adaptable and was able to take on board the ideas we gave him very quickly.


Importantly, the sound quality was absolutely brilliant. I'd recommend him to anyone looking for live drums on their track(s)."


DRUMS ONLY // Un-mixed

"Africa" groove - Drums and perc.
Medium room - Drums
Dry funk - Drums and perc.
Tight open kit
"Over it" // library session
"ab say nada" // drums and                                         perc
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