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  • Richard Brook

Sleeping on a bus as a tall bloke.

A couple of weeks ago I went on an orchestral tour with 80's legends ABC. The premise was to play the whole of their classic 'Lexicon of Love' album that sold millions of copies worldwide.

We decided to take an orchestra (as you do) and to have 60 people on stage was something very special. We were lucky enough to have Oscar winning composer/arranger Anne Dudley as the conductor.

I've worked with Anne before and she has a certain gravitas about her that can reduce grown men to simpering fools. I loved every minute of it (as a simpering fool - Ha!).

As a tall bloke, sleeping on a tour bus has it's challenges. Everyone has their own darkened coffin, a cell of cramped dark privacy that lets you escape from the infamous 'Back lounge'.

The only thing is, as a 6'5" bloke getting into a 6'4" bunk certain body angles have to be experimented with to engage any chance of a few hours 'passing out'. The feeling is something like lying down in the cupboard under the stairs while someone shakes you for 7 hours. Fan of bus tours?, not really but it's a great way to spend time with lovely people, laugh, drink and then go and play music you like in a big hall. More please!

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