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Private lessons

One hour session: 

Areas covered: Technique, Independence, Applied technique Reading, Genre specific study, Odd meter (a speciality !), Creative thinking....

Come give your playing an MOT and I'll work out a plan for you.

Studio playing session (Minimum 2Hrs - Can extend on request)

This session is on a fully mic'd up kit using industry standard mic's and world class pre-amps.

There is no hiding place in the studio. It tells the truth about your playing. The best way to improve is to hear yourself back.

We cover numerous recording exercises that can lead up to replacing my drums on the sessions I've been booked to do at my studio over the years. As well as my sessions,  I have hundreds of playalongs to work with to suit your level and style.


We'll discuss the core elements of studio playing including - Groove, building a part, creative thinking, playing for the song, working with a producer and a multitude of other topics.

Whatever your level, hearing yourself played back alone or in the context of a track is, ultimately, the best learning experience.

Suitable for intermediate to professional level.

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